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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Family & The Sympathy Gift

Collins Family July 2009
(I'm holding Kira in her spot dress)

This is a reverse blog. It’s for all the people who read about my adventures in Indonesia and wonder about my family back in America. Here is a series of email about buying a sympathy gift for my brother-in-law. I edited out a little bit of it.

My family is the absolutely best, most wonderful, most supportive family in the world!
My 6 brothers and sisters, our children and grandchildren who are spread from Boston to Seattle to Southern California are having a family reunion in Texas next month.

-----Original Message----- (from my sister)

Subject: Mac's Dad

Hi guys,

I'm sorry to say that I just got a call from Dolly that Mac's Dad passed
away last night. No details as of yet and Dolly is not sure if he had been
taken to the hospital or not. Mac happened to drive them home yesterday from Seattle and Dolly had encouraged him to spend the night rather than drive home to Aberdeen so he was there with them. I do not think that he had been sick but just became sick suddenly. His death was certianly not expected. Dolly just found out and on her way home from church and is going home quickly to pack up and leave for Aberdeen with Mei Le, Rowland, and their puppy Vegas.

Our love, prayers and support go out to Mac, Dolly and Mei Le as well as
Joyce (Mac's Mom) and Rowland in this time of sorrow.

Lots of love,

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(from me to my family)
Subject: Re: Mac's Dad

I'm so sad to hear this. I'm sending my love to you, Dolly - Pinky, maybe
you can forward this. The internet is really weak here. I love you all and
miss you so much. In the meeting yesterday we talked about support and that
is the thing that our family is so good at giving to each other.
I love you guys so much. Colleen

(from my sister)
Subject: sympathy gift to Mac

Hi guys,
We just ordered a sympathy gift basket from Harry and David for Mac and sent
it from The Collins Clan - Colleen, Janeen, Kevin, Brian, Pinky, Boo and
families. Mark thought he would like that better than flowers. Total cost
was (with discount coupon) $56. Instead of sending us money you can buy us
a coke when we're in Texas.
Love you guys,
Pinky and Mark

(from my brother)
Subject: RE: sympathy gift to Mac
Thanks Pink.
I volunteer to buy Mark some beer to celebrate his "catching a big Texas
fish out of a pond" event which may or may not happen.

(from my other brother)
Subject: RE: sympathy gift to Mac

Just a note on the fishing here in Texas. So far it looks like two ponds maybe three withing walking distance of Kevin and Nancy's house. These ponds have BIG fish in them. Last week the Third pond (may not be available to us) produced a 10 lb catfish and a 5 LB Large mouth bass.
The other two ponds have produced numerous 4+ lb Large Mouth bass and cropie of pan size.

(from my sister)
Subject: Re: sympathy gift to Mac
sounds like a fish story to me! :)

(from my other sister:)
Re: sympathy gift to Mac

That is great and thanks...I agree - Mac will like it better than flowers! I'll buy Sonic drinks for all!

(from my first sister)
Subject: Re: sympathy gift to Mac
sounds perfect - and fried pickles!!! :)

(I wrote to my family)
When I get back - MY TREAT - Sonic drinks, pickles, hamburgers, french fries... with all the money Boo is making for me renting my Juan Tomas house while I am gone!.... then dilly bars, root beer floats, and chocolate sundaes with nuts and top. No fish heads, no fish tails, no fish middles, no fried fish, no grilled fish, no fish in tomato sause, no fish with curry, no catfish, no pan fish, no river fish, no ocean fish, no little fish, no big fish, no dried fish!
(Maybe I should write a Dr. Suess book.)
Love and hugs, Colleen

(from my niece)
Subject: Re: sympathy gift to Mac

Yummy!!! I'm there!
Hang in there Col, sounds like it's a little ruff right now. Eric and I both think about you all the time! With lots and lots of love!


(from my sister)
Subject: Re: sympathy gift to Mac

would you like them in a boat? would you like them with a goat?
p.s. in Texas they have batter fried pickles at their Sonic's! We're gonna try then over Thanksgiving! Will let you know the verdict.

(Final word from me)
Thank you to my wonderful, crazy family. Your love sustains me!

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