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Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Letters that can melt your heart

(These two friends wrote for the English Contest. The rules are: You must write in English. You can write stories, poems, love letters or anything that you want as long as it is in English. NO COPYING.)

Hello Oma Collin…..

My name is Dwi Lestari. I usully to call Dwi. I am seventeen years old. I live in Bence – G_____. My hobby is reading and swimming. I am scool in MAN W____ right in class eleven sains (science) three.

There are I have a Teacher. She is from in Amerika Seidat. (United states of America) She is very beautiful, clever, good and friendly. Her name is Omma Collin. She to teach in MAN W_____ without the salary. She sincere with what her given for me.

She is teacher enormous ever I know. Every day she always spirt (spirit) deer teach her student. So only to make we spirt for study English.

Do you know Oma…..

Since you teach in MAN W______ excellent in my class eleven three I so spirt for study English. You many introduce till circumstance – circumstance the new for my live. (You tell me about many things I have not experienced.) Many Eksperience I pluck from every lesson in you given. You lesson me singing, eksprecion in forward class (speaking in front of the class) And you always tell me about circumstance the extract for my live. (life)

Thany you Oma…. I am it’s very-very love you….goodness and honesty you can’t ever forget me.

I (heart) U Oma.

For "Oma" Collent

Hello Oma!!! My name is Ulum Chotipah! Usually friends call me Ulum. I am sixteen years old. I am senior High School from MA Negeri W_________, specially XI Science 3.

Oma do you know? Iam very happy can school in MA Negeri W________ because I can study English language with you. Maybe I don't school in MAN W_________,, I not meet and / not study English with you. since you teach in my class I am became spirit for study English language. I am very sure study English with you will better.

Oma, although your old, your spirit fitting our imitate such as young generation. I am very happy, in this class we just not study English but also we can tell our experience. I hope you be patient that teach English.

Oma, I love you. Many experience that you tell I will remember it!

(picture of 3 layer cake with candles.)

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