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Friday, October 21, 2011

Banana Blog

This is information for my partner school children in New Mexico.

Here is a picture of the house where I live in Indonesia and a picture looking out the door into the backyard.

1. A banana “tree” is more like
A a tree
B a flower
C a vine

2. A banana tree can have how many bunches of bananas
A one
B approximately 5
C up to 20 or more

3. After a banana tree bears fruit it
A dies
B keeps living for approx 20 years and producing lots of bananas
C will never bear any more fruit

4. Bananas were probably first cultivated in
A South America
B Indonesia
C Africa

5. Bananas are grown in
A over 100 countries
B approximately 20 countries
C only 3 locations

1. B. Banana “trees” are really more like giant flowers than true trees.

2. A. A banana “tree’ makes only one cluster of bananas.

3. C After a banana tree makes one bunch of bananas it will never make any more. The tree will keep living making more leaves but if you want more bananas you need to cut off the stem near the ground and it will grow another banana “tree.”

4. B Bananas were probably first planted and grown on purpose as a food source for humans in Papua which is the farthest East island in Indonesia.

5. A Banana are grown in over 100 different countries.

6. Banana leaves are
A about the size of a hand
B about the size of a finger
C approximately 8 feet long and 2 feet wide

7. Banana trees are how tall?
A Over 50 feet
B Approximately 5 feet tall
C Approximately 20 feet tall

8. Banana leaves can be used as:
A fans
B dishes
C wrappers for food

9. Bananas have seeds
A true
B false

10. Bananas are
A yellow
B yellow and green
C yellow, green, red and purple, stripped and spotted.

6 C Banana leaves are huge! The ones in my yard are 8 feet long and 2 feet across.

7 C Banana trees grow to about 20 feet high.

8 A,B & C All true! Food is served on banana leaves and food is wrapped in banana leaves before it is cooked. The cooked food takes on a greenish color and tastes really good. And any big leaf can be used as a fan.

9 A Yes, bananas have seeds. Most of the varieties we get in America have tiny black spots which are the seeds. Some of the bananas here have seeds as big as grapefruit seeds.

10. C Bananas come in lots of different colors. They are green when they are unripe, and that’s when they are shipped. As they ripen they can be yellow, red, purple, stripped or spotted.

11. In a large hanging cluster of bananas the individual “banana fingers” grow
A pointing down toward the ground
B pointing up

12. A banana flower is
A big and red and grows under the bunch of bananas
B so small it can’t be seen
C a small white delicate flower that smells very sweet

13. The top banana producing nation is
A Indonesia
B India
C United States

14. There is a banana tree outside my bedroom window.
A true
B false

15. Bananas are radioactive.
A true
B false

11 B The banana fingers point up.

12 A A banana flower is big and red and grows under the bunch of bananas,

13 B The top banana producing nation is India. Indonesia is number 5.

14 A Yes, there is a banana tree growing outside my bedroom window.

15 A It is true. Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive. more so than most other fruits, because of their high potassium content, and the small amounts of the isotope potassium- 40 found in naturally occurring potassium. (I got that information and some of the other answers from Wikipedia!)

Hope you have a banana-riffic day!

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