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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What my host family wants

Okay....phase two and I don't think this is over yet.

At school today I agreed with my vice principal, who talked to Peace Corps that I should give my host family $40 and buy all my food on the street "outside" using the other $40. This seemed a little unrealistic but I have decided that I don't want to move again and I will do whatever "they" tell me to do - Peace Corps, vice principal, host family, etc. And Peace Corps wants volunteers to give every family $40 per month even if they do not provide food. So be it.

I printed out my schedule showing what days I will be away from site: 23 of the remaining 99 days - the last of my annual leave and Close of Service Conference and final check out days, medical, dental - all that is done away from my site where I am living.

This afternoon the vice principal and I sat down with my host parents. My vice principal did most of the talking. My family saw how many days I will be gone and they said they will take all the money and if they don't feel like cooking they will give me a little bit back so I can go on the street and buy and some food. So they get $80 and I get $0. (Well I have my pocket money.)

I didn't ask, "How much is a little bit?"

Here's my attitude: I don't care what happens. I know I will not starve. I may be hungry. I may have to eat street food that I don't like at inconvenient times where ever my family tells me to. But it's only for 99 - 23 days. I can pretty much put up with anything for that short of period of time. (Please God, don't test me on that statement!)

I figure I gave in on everything - I won't cook. I won't put stuff in the frig. I will give them all my money. I can't plan in advance for when I should try to buy some vegetables or fruit or other food that I prefer. The one thing they agreed to was that I am allowed to bring the food back and eat it in my room rather than on the street.

You'd think they would be pleased. But they weren't smiling. I think they really don't want to cook anymore.

Day 99 and counting....

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  1. Oma,we met last Sunday during the English Competition. I'm really ashamed as Indonesian reading your blog. I don't know what really happened but I agree that this experience really sucks. Todays I'm still busy finding potential hosts for our Volunteer and your article really makes me think over and over before recommending. I hope you'll end your volunteering time peacefully...bring beautiful memory of Indonesia home. Anyway, we thank all volunteers...