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Saturday, July 24, 2010

English Textbook - back cover

The Tips to be a Rigid Person

(Printed on the back cover of our English “text book” – which looks like magazine.)

Use the network of support you have.
A happy and rigid person have not to face to problems alone, but he tends to ask help.
Everytime and everywhere, if it possible spend your days with laugh and humour to see something from different view in order always to be positive.
With all your efforts, learn from the past experience, don’t think again about what can’t be changed.
Implement the useful thinking strategy and do what you can do for better wish and feel optimistic for the future.
Don’t feel sad in a long time, but make it balance in facing a problem.
Take care your health and make sure you have enough sleep and rest.
Please, accept the fact that nothing perfect in the world and always accept the changes.
Don’t walk over the aim, direction and goal of your dreams.
Don’t stop trying to gain your goal.
Try to study more about yourself and keep focus on positive things you and the world have.

(Note from Colleen: With this kind of good advice - in English - is it any wonder that the job of the English teacher is a little challenging!)

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