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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


These are the materials that have been used for the optional English Club that students at my Madrasah can attend. My plan is to incorporate the respectful tone and make a club where the students can practice English, maybe doing songs, plays or games. I thought we might do a TV program with news, commercials, game shows, etc. I found this material fascinating and wanted to share it.


Excellency, Mr.… is our Director, and his wife. Unforgettable Mr./ Mrs.…. As per teacher….. Honorable, Mr./ Mrs. / Miss….. is our chief of meeting program. And well happy audiences.

In the name of Alloh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Alloh, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the world, who has created every thing in the world for human being.

Our expectation, my Sholawat and Salam, always to present to our prophet, Muhammad SAW, the last Messenger of Alloh, who has saved the human’s life, from destruction to safety, that is the God’s favor, namely Islam is our true religion.

Okay ladies and gentlemen.

Standing / sitting in front of you all, I am as Mister /Mistress of Ceremony, would like to bring the agenda in this meeting. For the first time allow me to read the programs in this meeting, one by one.
The first program is opening.
Reading Holy Qur’an, and English translation, are in the second agenda.
And as the third agenda, are some speeches by some speakers.
Then being followed by corrections by some correctors (a corrector)
I n the fivth agenda, we can be happy because the fivth agenda is resting program
And will be continued by the announcement.
Then as the last agenda is, closing.

Well my loved brother and sisters.
Those are our programs in this beautiful meeting today. And now, let’s open our meeting today by reading “BASMALAH” together…… Thank you very much. And may our meeting be able to run well from opening to closing.

Okay, happy audiences. Now we step to the second agenda, namely reading Holy Qur’an is going to be read by Mr/Mrs/Miss … then English translation will be read by Mr./ Mrs./ Miss… the floor is yours.

Thank you so much for two readers, may we always get guidance from our God. Amiin.
And now, the third program, namely some speakings by some speakers. Okay, for the first speaker. I’m gonna call Mr./ Mrs. /Miss … as the deputy of …. Class, okay Mr. /Miss come forward please.

Thank you Mr./ Miss… may your speech be useful for us. Amiin. And for the second speaker, I would hope Mr./ Miss as deputy of …. Class, okay Mr. /Miss… I please you to speak in front of us..

I say, thanks a lot to Mr/ Miss… Well, ladies and gentlemen, now will be the next speaker, who is he (she?) Okay, in this time I want to call the deputy of … class, dear Mr./ Miss, go forward, please.

Ouch, how interesting your speech is! I say thank you and my congratulation for you.
Well, happy audiences, we have just listened some speakings from some speakers. And now we can pay attention to the following program, namely correction by two correctors, who will correct the grammer. Here I should like to please introduce Mr./ Miss … as the deputy of… class, the time is given for you.

Thank you very much for your corrections. And the second corrector, I should like to inform Mr./ Miss…. The time is for you.

Dear brothers and sisters. Waited and waited and now will happen, what is that? It is resting program. In this meeting, we are very lucky because this resting will be fulfilled by our good singers/ our best actors / our best actresses. Okay now I hope to the deputies of … class to make us happy. Okay, show up in front of us please.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Waow, helo audiences, are you very glad of it? Thank you and this resting is very nice, isn’t it? Of course.

Then the following is announcement. In this occasion will be given by our chief of meeting program. Well, I please Mr./ Miss to give us announcement.

To be said, thanks a lot. Happy brothers and sisters. Now, let’s pay attention to listen our teacher’s announcement or even advice. To Mr./ Mrs./ Miss… I give this valuable occasion for you.

Suggested topics:

Islam is the true religion.
Prayer is the pillar of religion
Please respect the parents

From “Love”

In this good opportunity, let us pray and thank unto Alloh SWT. Because right now, we all can enjoy our enjoyment in this world, till we can attend and gather in this meeting. It means, our god still loves us very much. Al-Hamdulillah. Sholawat and Salam, we hope them given to our loved prophet Muhammad SAW. Because of his love, so we are able to differentiate between allowed and forbidden.

And I will never forget to say, thank very much to the handsome/beautiful MC, because of his/her love also, now I can show up in front of you all as the lover. Thank you.
This loving lovers are sitting in front of me. In this beautiful occasion, I feel, that I do love you all, so that, I do like to speak about: LOVE. Do you agree? Ouch, thank you.
Dear my love brothers and sisters. Really, love is very beautiful and very handsome, isn’t it? Because, as we know that this time being, we can live in the world it is caused by love of our God. And the existence of the world is caused by love too. Alloh has said in Hadits Qudsi
(Colleen note: some Arabic text follows)

So, if it isn’t caused our God loves our prophet, namely His last messenger, our God will not create the world. From this Hadits, we can understand that how beautiful love is, and how nice love is. But we can see also, that there are many people are broken heart, brutal even stress or crazy, because of love too. Sometimes, we see the loving lover and the loved lover can not enjoy their love well. Even they always get sin because of their love. Some, the mistakes is not caused by love, but the mistakes or the sins are caused by the lovers them selves.

Well, the loving lovers and loved lovers are listening my speech.
According to clever man, that love is like knife, so we may not blame the knife if we get injury, or the knife injures us. Because, actually knife can not do anything and if we know someone being killed by using knife or sword must we hold back the knife or the sword! So, if we know the lovers do something bad, crazy loving his/her partner, kissing each other and anything else. So will we be angry with love?

Must we stop every body to have love! Alloh. Now, I invite you all to be careful in loving. Don’t make love bad. Don’t contaminate love with your bad attitude. But let’s keep the love’s name as well as possible. And please have love, main point; we must be in love by holding on to Islamic teaching. And don’t be more in love, even in loving every thing.

These are my speeches, may we be able to be in love as well as religion’s teaching. Amiin. In the end, I do apologize to you for all of my mistakes. Wssalaamu’alaikm Wr. Br.


In this nice meeting, let’s say, thank God Al Hamdulillah for all he does, His all Guidances and Blessings, till we can stay in the world nicely, and we are able to read many kinds of books to get some sciences or knowledges. Then, let’s deliver our sholawat and Salam to the messenger of Alloh prophet Muhammad SAW, who had come by Islamic teaching for human being. Till we can understand, THAT Alloh has commanded us to read every thing in the world.

And, thank a lot to Mister/Mistress of Ceremony, because you have had me to speak in front of the studying students.

Happy brothers and sisters.
As we have known, for the first time, Alloh, said in Holy Qur’an by sentence
Iqro” In meaning, we are had by Alloh to read, because Alloh has said in our holy book, Qur’an. And then, why has Alloh had us to read? And is reading very important for us!
Dear young Moslems share the same fate.
We know that every thing needs reading, even to get science, because, it is very difficult in looking for science without reading. Although we can get it from our teacher’s explanation, but it is not enough yet for us really. So we have to add by reading. Because the scientist ever said, that reading is the key to get science.

Well audiences are respected by Alloh.
Speaking about reading, really we can read not only the writing; even we are able to read the situation, condition or the others.
For example, when we were studying, then there is some one cough, or play foot, “streck-streck” so the teacher can read, that the student want to go home quickly, is it all right?
My loved brothers and sisters in studying.
From the verse above, we can take conclusion that we all must be able to read many writings, not only Indonesian writing or the Arabic one, even though Chinese, English or another. Because, at present, the enemy’s of Islam don’t attack Moslem by the sword or bomb but now they want to destroy Islam by many new methods, but we can not realize it. So it is not impossible if they use magazine, TV or another to influence us, as Moslems.

Happy ladies and gentlemen.
I think, that’s all my speaking in this occasion, and before closing my speaking, I should like to invite you all, let’s read more and more, in order that we can get many knowledges. And we can see how the world in this time is? And during speaking in front of you all, I am sure, I have had many mistakes. So I do hope you all to forgive me not to forget me. Finally Wssalaamu’alaikm……

Thank you to our loved teacher, for his/her announcement and advice. May we all be able to practice it? Amiin.
Dear all audiences are respected by Alloh.
Happy brothers and sisters in studying, we have just enjoyed program by program, and then now, we are going to be on the last program. It is closing program. But before closing this meeting today I realize that I have many mistakes, so I am Mister/Mistress of Ceremony do hope me being forgiven by you all, and now let’s close our meeting program this time by reading HAMDALAH together…
Finally, Wassalaamu’alaikumWr. Wb.
(Colleen note: shorthand for Warohmatullohi, Wabarokatuh.)

I’m really pleased to be in this first Peace Corps group in Indonesia. As the most populated Muslim country in the world, our presence here can have a large impact. In fact, Indonesia was targeted as one of the key places for Peace Corps. I am one of two volunteers who were requested by their schools to wear the jilbab. By entering into this Muslim environment, I have an opportunity to experience and influence a culture very different from America. I’m excited to participate in this adventure.

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