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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My School Anniversary

My school turned 16 this year. To celebrate we had 3 special days with no teaching.

To begin the celebration all these balloons were released together – not individually passed out to separate students, just several large groups of balloons all heading into the sky at once.

On day ONE all the students and teachers went for a 2 hour healthy walk / parade through the village. We had special new “sports uniforms” to wear – a heavy duty cross between green polyester and canvas. Oh, the challenges of working at an Islamic High School in the tropics! When we got back all the teachers were given a meal – to help keep our strength.

Throughout day ONE and day TWO middle schools in my area sent students who competed against each other in volleyball competitions. My own high school students had soccer games – each class of 36-40 students has 8-10 boys and they had to come up with a 6 person team plus substitute players, to compete with the boys in other classes. Each class also made art out of re-cycled materials.

Day TWO was English day and students sang songs and recited stories, some in English, some not. It rained like crazy but they kept going.

Day THREE was a formal sit down in chairs under a big tarp event attended by the Mayor and other officials from our region. There were lots of speeches and then a battle of the bands complete with a band made up of teachers.

I got a little teary eyed thinking that this is my last big school celebration.

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