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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oatmeal & Avocados

This morning my Ibu-mama told me that the papaya from the tree in our yard is not good because the rains have started and it no longer tastes sweet. We have no bananas right now. Instead she gave me an avocado to put on my oatmeal.

So here are my questions:
Do you know what is the name of the fruit on this page?
When you order banana juice or avocado juice – what do you think you’ll get?
Why do I keep a rubber band around my cell phone?
What really is a fruit?
Do you call tomatoes “fruits’ or “vegetables”?
How do you define what “normal” is?
If it tastes good in Indonesia will it also taste good in America?
Have you ever had green eggs and ham?

The fruit is called "rambutan" / "hairy fruit" and it tastes really good on oatmeal too!
You get something like a banana or avocado smootie.
I keep a little folded money attached to the back of my cell phone because I often go places without my purse but I always keep my cell phone handy.
And I don't know the answers to the rest of the questions.


  1. I remember reading the instructions for my new juicer last Christmas and learning to my surprise that bananas and avocados cannot be juiced - liquid cannot be extracted from them even by the best juicers.

    I think it's wonderful that you're using your blog to teach details like this!

  2. I will try the green eggs and ham... eat them in the house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox.. :)

    Green eggs and Ham, has deeper meaning than just a green eggs and ham.
    Thank you to share the greens Oma :)